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Letra 'I'm Da Man (feat. Bow Wow)' de 'Chris Brown' traducida al español

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Chris Brown
I'm Da Man (feat. Bow Wow)

[Verse 1: Bow Wow]
To my ex-girlfriend I'm timed out,
Now I'm with my new bitch, knocking her spine out!
Rolling up more kush...
With a lot of niggers, keep a couple model hoes
I party hard like charlie sheen,
Used to ferraris, been driving them since seventeen
Cash money, young money, baby!
You already know, I get it popping that's your lady
Selling out to... right now killing 'em lot of hoes feeling 'em
Treat 'em like construction sites, you know that I'm drilling 'em
Half these rappers soft as fuck I swear to god they feenin' it
Me and chris ain't green house,
In the club bought the bar out,
Son don't bring the cars out
Hey where you're coming from? Fresh of the movie set
Here is another check, nelly said is upset,
Rappers twice my age ain't done what I've done yet!
I don't need the... this is the beginning,
Stepping out that g4, in some brand new linen fresh
Yes, I'm the mother fucking best,
Walking through life with no regrets
I ain't tripping, no! you know I've been chilling,..
Get my game up, and you play...
Rearrange your face, now somebody gotta repair it,
I'm the best to... and the best to...
Meeting all my niggers...
Keep 'em out...!
My paper on... your paper all...
Fuck all my enemies who pretend to be...
Screaming with the hands out, but I don't get no hand out,
Put me in a room and watch me stand out!

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
... fuck nigger act like a grown up, everybody know you pussy, little nigga get your soul up
Nigger say they're your friends, Bow Wizzle that's a real nigger,
And I'm about to go in, time to kill niggers!
Y'all wanna talk about naked pics, haters shake my hand you can shake my dick
Jewels swang low and my dick hit the water when I take a piss
I'm talking porno, then I'm...
Then I'm blowing like four ohs
Yeah! in the jacuzzi with four hoes
Got 'em mixing nuevo with the no doughs
See, gotta pull an all nighter, paper planes, got 'em high like a sky diver!
Yeah! and now I'm fucking with them hood niggers,
Red and blue nigger, r&b, so what's good nigger!
I'm out of line! yeah, yeah!
Cause I should, nigger!
Try to swing, I dare you, I wish you would nigger!
Wow, let me calm down!
All these suckers are mad cause I took they shine now
I'm at the top dawg, ain't about to climb down
You need to give it up, ain't 'bout to wind down

[Verse 3: Bow Wow]
Nowadays so stressed out, cause this... will kill ya!
We get it, real paper, fuck haters, fuck bloods
Fuck y'all, standing tall, retaliation sit on y'all
Chris is the prince of r&b, me I'm the prince of hip hop
We got it on lock, here we go on tour, that's more whores!
Counting money when I get bored,
Tatted up like a mother fuck, swear to god it's too easy,
Wizzle or just Bow Weezy, you already know nigga, shout out to the O nigga
You know I'll be reppin'
Homie ain't no question
Get rappers the business
Just put me to test
Chris Brown
Soy Da Man (feat. Bow Wow)

[Verso 1: Bow Wow]
A mi ex novia me ha agotado el tiempo,
Ahora estoy con mi perra nueva, golpeando su espalda hacia fuera!
Enrollar más kush ...
Con una gran cantidad de negros, mantener un par de azadas modelo
Me partido duro, como Charlie Sheen,
Se utiliza para Ferrari, que ha de conducir desde el diecisiete
Dinero en efectivo, dinero joven, bebé!
Ya sabes, lo entiendo estallar que es su mujer
Venta a ... ahora matar 'em muchas azadas sentirse' em
Trátelos como las obras de construcción, ya sabes que estoy perforando 'em
La mitad de estos raperos suaves como la mierda lo juro por dios que feenin 'que
Yo y Chris no es la casa verde,
En el club compró la barra de fuera,
Hijo no traen los coches fuera
Oye donde vienen? Fresco del set de la película
Aquí está otro cheque, dijo Nelly es el malestar,
Rappers el doble de mi edad no se hace lo que yo he hecho todavía!
No necesito el ... este es el comienzo,
Saliendo G4 que, de alguna ropa de marca nueva y fresca
Sí, soy la mejor puta madre,
Caminando por la vida sin arrepentimientos
No es tropezar, no! usted sabe que he sido frío, ..
Obtener mi juego, y jugar a que ...
Reorganizar la cara, ahora alguien tengo que repararlo,

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