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Letra 'Casanova' de 'Ultimate Kaos' traducida al español

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i am not your casanova
me and romeo have
never been friends
canand't you see how
much i really love you
gonna sing it to you
tine and time again.
oh casanova
every man deserves a good woman
and i want you to be my wife
time is so much better spent baby
with a woman just like you in my life
so let me love you
fill me up inside
i wanna hold you baby
so let me squeeze you
donand't you know that iand'll be
on my knees for you baby
oooh baby
repeat chorus
oh casanova
every time i wanna see you
i canand't find the words to tell you so
but i love you i love i love i love you baby
and i just gotta let you know
how much i need you
show you what you mean to me each day baby
and when i told you
gir, iand'm an average guy
(average guy)
you seemed to know
just how i really feel
cos i canand't let you go
i need you and want you
to stay right here with me
but baby i never knew love
until you came along
oh casanova
repeat chorus to fade
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