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Letra 'Found A Cure' de 'Ultra Nate' traducida al español

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Ultra Nate
Found A Cure

lyricfound a cure

I searched all over could not findsomeone to hold some peace of mind
Yesterday is gone nothing else to do but let it go before i lose
All of my hopes and my dreams
For something that ain't real things ain't always as they seem
'cos there's sunshine after the rain ('cos there's sunshine after the rain)
And after the night comes morning (and after the night comes morning)
And in the spring the flowers bloom again when i'm feeling down there's no way out
I know the love i have inside me will make it alright
And when it feels like i'm going crazy (na na na na) feels like i'm going insane (na na na na)
And it feels like i'm going crazy found a cure to get me through another day
How many times before have you been left alone and you feel confused
Do you have the strength to keep trying when the walls just keep on closing in
But you got everything that you need inside your heart if you just believe
Things aren't always as they seem
Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus
(get me through another day) (x2) found a cure (found a cure)
To get me through another day (to get me through another day)
Found a cure (found a cure) to get me through another day
(get me through another day) (x2)
Repeat second verse
Repeat chorus twice
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