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Letra 'Hypnotize' de 'Notorious B.I.G.' traducida al español

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Hah sicker than your average poppa twist
carriage off instinct niggas dont think, shit stink
pink gators, my detroit players timbs for my hooligans
in brooklyn dead right, if they head right biggie there
air-nike poppa been smoove since days of the underrules
never lose, never choose to, bruise who crew
do something to us, talk goes thru us girls want 2 us
wanna do us screw us, who us? yeah poppa and puff
close like starsky and hutch stick the clutch
yeah i squeeze thee at your cherry m-3
bang every mc easily(take that) easily, recently frontin
and aint sayin nuttinand' so i just speak my piece, keep my peace
cubans wit the jesus piece, wit my peeps packin
askinand' who want it you got it, nigga flaunt it
that brooklyn bullshit...we on it
1-biggie biggie biggie cant you see
that sometimes your words just hypnotize me
and i just love your flashy ways
guess thats why they broke, and your so paid
I put hoand's in ny onto dkny miami, d.c. prefer versace
all phillie blunts, dont wit no skee-no
every cutie wit a booty, bought up that coochie
But whoand's the real dukie fiendin, now whoand's really the shit
shit ride thru, frank white push the stick on the lexus lx
who wanna hang bulletproof tints if i want some more tits
gone blast...squeeze first, ask questions last
thats how most of those so called gangsters past
at last, niggas rappin about blunts and broads
bitches and broads, menage et trois sex in expensive cars
still leave you wanna...condo paid for, no car payment
at my arrainment, note for the plaintiff
your daughters tied up in a brooklyn basement
face it, not guilty, thats how i stay filthy richer
than richie so bitches come and get me
(rpt 1)
I can fill ya wit real millionaire shit escargot, my cargo
160, swiftly wreck it buy a new one your crew run run run
your crew run run i know you sick of this name
brand nigga wit flows girls say heand's sweet like licorice
so get wit this shit, its easy girlfriend heres a pen
call me round 10 come thru, home sex on rugs thats persian
come up to your job, hit you while your workin for certain
poppa freakin, not speakin be that ass leakinand'
like rapper demos then dem bitches take they clothes off
slowly hit em wit the force like obe dick black like crow-be
watch me roam like romie lucky they donand't owe me
where the safe at, show me

Hah más enfermos que el promedio de giro poppa
el transporte fuera de los niggas no creo que el instinto, la mierda apesta
caimanes de color rosa, mis jugadores de Detroit Timbs para mis gamberros
en el derecho de Brooklyn muerto, si no ir directamente biggie
aire nike Poppa sido Smoove desde los días de los underrules
no perder nunca, nunca elige, moretón que la tripulación
hacer algo para nosotros, charla pasa a través de las chicas nos quieren 2 nos
quiero hacer con nosotros el tornillo, que nosotros? Sí papá y puff
cierran como Starsky y Hutch seguir el embrague
Sí, yo te aprieta en su cerezo m-3
Bang todos los MC fácil (tener que) fácilmente, recientemente Frontin
y no está diciendo nuttinand 'y por eso sólo hablo de mi pieza, mantener mi paz
los cubanos el ingenio de la pieza de Jesús, el ingenio mis píos Packin
askinand 'que lo quieran que lo tienes, nigga hacer alarde
esa mierda de Brooklyn ... que en él
1-Biggie Biggie Biggie no puedes ver
que a veces sus palabras sólo me hipnotizan
Y me encanta sus formas llamativas
Supongo que por eso es que se rompió, y su atención por lo
Puse hoand en NY en dkny Miami, DC prefieren Versace
todos los blunts Phillie, dont ingenio no se skee-no
cada ingenio Cutie un botín, que compró Coochie
Pero whoand es el verdadero fiendin Dukie, ahora whoand '

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