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Letra 'Eight' de 'La Dispute' traducida al español

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1978. San Diego. Id just come out the other side of a relationship that blew upI was angry, and disillusioned, and ultimately self-destructive. Id lost everything I believed in I was as utterly, completely alone as Ive ever been.

So I began going on walks.

I started taking late-night walks around the San Diego suburb I was living in at the time. Id start walking early evening, and come back close to midnight, sometimes later. Walking and thinking and chewing over what had gone wrong with my life.

One night, at Fourth and E Streets, I got mugged and beaten by a street gangent me to the hospital with serious intimations of mortality. When the ER techs asked what my religion was, I refused to answer. I made my private peace with the universe, content with whatever was going to happen, live or die.

Then something happened. I got angry. I got angry because I still had stories to tell. So I fought back.

It took two months to fully recover. But two things came out of that incident. First, I have no fear of death. None whatsoever.

Secondas soon as I was well enough, I started walking again.

sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning, through parts of town that made even street people nervous.

When people asked what I was doing out there that late at night, the only answer I could give was, Im looking for something.

So I kept walking through some of the most dangerous parts of San Diego, before it got cleaned up, when it was still home to hookers and drunks and gangs and addicts and random violence.

Finally, one afternoon, I came to the same areas I walked through at night and I was struck by the dichotomy between that corner at night, and the very same corner during the day.

In the daylight, there were businessmen and kids and clerks, eager to get home to dinner and TV and family.

Then, later, came the night shift, the lost people, emerging from shadows and beds of pain to walk the same streets in search of fixes, money, and bars, gradually fading away with the dawn.

Two totally different worlds, sharing nothing but longitude and latitude. There was the nation in the day, and the nation at night, existing side by side but each fleeing the other.

A daylight nation.

And a midnight nation.

I saw a country bifurcated by more than just the presence and absence of light, but by lives cast aside and lost and uncared for; the walked away and the thrown-away on one side, and on the other, those who pretended not to see them, because not seeing is easier.

And I saw someone forced to walk both sides of the metaphor, to learn that the greatest cruelty is our casual blindness to the despair of others, that there but for the grace of whatever god you subscribe to goes any of us.

And finally, I realized that I had found what I was looking for, without ever being quite sure what it was.

1978. San Diego. Id acaba de salir al otro lado de una relación que sopló la PUI se enojó, y desilusionado, y en última instancia autodestructivo. Id perdió todo lo que creía en que estaba tan completamente, completamente solo, como siempre ha sido Ive.

Así que empecé a ir de paseo.

Comencé a tomar paseos nocturnos alrededor del suburbio de San Diego que estaba viviendo en ese momento. Id empezar a caminar temprano en la noche, y volver cerca de la medianoche, a veces más tarde. Caminar y pensar y masticar por lo que había salido mal con mi vida.

Una noche, en la cuarta y E Calles, me asaltaron y golpearon por una calle me gangent al hospital con graves indicios de mortalidad. Cuando los técnicos ER preguntaron cuál era mi religión, me negué a contestar. Hice mi paz privado con el universo, contento con lo que iba a suceder, en vivo o morir.

Entonces sucedió algo. Me enoje. Me enojé porque todavía tenía historias que contar. Así que me defendí.

Se necesitaron dos meses para recuperarse completamente. Pero dos cosas salieron de ese incidente. En primer lugar, no tengo miedo a la muerte. Ninguno en absoluto.

Secondas pronto como estuve bastante bien, comencé a caminar de nuevo.

a veces hasta las 3 o 4 de la mañana, a través de parte

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