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Letra 'St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Blues' de 'La Dispute' traducida al español

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La Dispute
St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Blues

Stained-glass and the choir sing out that strong and ceaseless
chorus here. 
So sweet the voices, sweep like leaves into the street.

On Eastern, a celebration carried on for God and hope and
To keep each other, life; give shelter from the storm. And
keep warm. 
The congregation gathers outside in the parking lot, each
service done
They keep the old hymn rolling on and on and
I see
the scene in color each day driving out to Eastown, 
That old
abandoned church and have I gone the same sad way? 

Have I
gone the same sad way? 

Through the sixties flourished and the
seventies in flux. 
The eighties fluctuate each year unclear of when
the money would dry up. 
And when the nineties violent crime and
rising unemployment rates came by
That parking lot grew dim and thin
of sinners and saints
Until the voices, unceasing, slowly faded to
Until the weeds stormed the concrete from unattended cracks.

It had to know, had to feel that glory never coming back,

Like I could feel it when the passion left, the last of what I had,

It had to know like I knew. 
And I can't find it still.

Might not ever. 

Ten years now standing vacant.

Ten years on empty, maybe more. 
Once held the faith of
Soon one more cell phone store. 
For years they
gathered here
Inside the building sound and true
To sing their
praises to a god that gave them hope
To carry on, to carry through.

So, I've been thinking about that, 
Sometimes go slow when I
drive by, 
How a home of stone and a house so holy
Grows so
empty over time. 
What gave those people purpose
Past death
approaching constantly
Now left to crumble slowly, 
Now left to
wither with the weeds. 
Now left to ice and vandals, 
advent candles long since gone, 
The old foundation shifting hard,

The concrete overgrown, but
That stained-glass window sits
untouched amongst the brickwork worn, 
A symbol of the beauty only
perfect at that moment we were born. 
And just the other day I swear
I saw a man there
Pulling weeds out of the concrete, sweeping up and
patching cracks, 
I saw him lift a rag to wash the years of filth
from off those windows. 
Made me wonder if there's anyone like that
for you and me and
Anybody else who broke and lost hope.
La Dispute
St. Paul Baptist Church azules

Cristal de colores y el coro cantar tan fuerte e incesante
coro aquí. Así dulces las voces, como las hojas de barrido en la calle.
En este, una celebración llevada por Dios y la esperanza y la
Para mantener refugio entre sí, la vida; dar refugio de la tormenta. Y
mantener el calor. La congregación se reúne afuera en el estacionamiento, cada uno
Servicio hecho Mantienen el viejo himno de rodadura y sigue y veo
la escena en el color de cada día conduciendo a Eastown, Ese viejo
abandonado la iglesia y he seguido el mismo camino triste? Tengo
seguido el mismo camino triste? A través de los años sesenta florecieron y la
setenta en flujo. Los años ochenta fluctúan cada año poco claro de cuándo
el dinero se secaría. Y cuando los años noventa del crimen violento y
aumento de las tasas de desempleo llegaron por ese estacionamiento se oscureció y delgado
de los pecadores y santos hasta que las voces, incesante, se desvaneció lentamente hasta
Hasta las malas hierbas negro irrumpieron en el hormigón de las grietas desatendidas.
Se tenía que saber, tenía que sentir que la gloria no volver nunca más,
Como si pudiera sentir cuando la pasión se fue, el último de lo que ha estaba

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